What is Sinusitis?

Sinuses are cavities which extend outward from the inside of the nose into the face and skull, connecting to the inside of the nose through very small openings and lined with mucous membranes. Sinusitis is an infection or inflammation of the sinuses. When inflamed, these membranes can become blocked, causing pressure and pain in the forehead and face. This pressure and pain can also occur between and behind the eyes, in the checks and upper teeth, Over 300 million people worldwide suffer from chronic sinusitis and hay fever or allergies- more than any other chronic condition. Sinus problems can arise dur to allergic reaction, exposure to irritation, or infection.

What treatments are available?

Most people with these conditions seek relief with either over-the-counter or prescription drugs, both of which  have varying degrees of effectiveness, and may cause side effects. Applying very small amounts of electrical stimulation to the tissues of the nose and sinus cavities has been found to lead to a reduction of the symptoms of congestion and obstruction. These micro currents result in vascular and neural changes which help reduce inflammation, thereby improving airflow in the  nasal passages and sinus cavities.

E-Z Breath™ is the first practical application of this research

E-Z Breath™ has been developed specifically for symptom relief and management of chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, and head cold congestion. E-Z Breath™ is a lightweight, battery-operated, hand-held device. It is non-invasive, painless, convenient to use, and can be carried easily in the pocket or purse and used at any time.

Relief is often immediate, lasting from several minutes to several days. Approximately 95% of the patients tested have noted a dramatic improvement in their nasal or sinus Congestion, as well as improved air flow in the nasal passages, reduced inflammation, and drying up of the watery eyes. E-Z Breath™ can be used as often as desired with no known side effects. E-Z Breath™ has been developed over a ten-year period, accompanied by extensive clinical testing and consumer feedback. E-Z Breath™ has been found to provide noticeable relief or complete clearing up of the sinus condition after the product is used as directed, with absolutely no negative side effects.

What is E-Z Breath™?


E-Z Breath™ is a pocket-sized battery-operated handheld device developed for symptom relief and management of chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and head cold congestion.

  • No accessories required
  • There are no known side effects
  • Non-invasive and painless
  • Immediate relief and improved airflow in the nasal passage and sinus cavities
  • Convenient, easy to use, user friendly
  • Over-the-counter use (OTC)
  • European CE certified

How does it work?

How does the product work to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of sinus and nasal conditions?

Much medical research done over the last 20 years has suggested that applying very small amounts of electrical stimulation to the tissues of the nose and sinus cavities could lead to a balancing of the sympathetic nerve signals leading to a reduction of the symptoms of nasal and sinus congestion and obstruction. E-Z Breath™ is a practical application of this research.

The many nerves which serve the nasal and sinus cavities contain many thousands of neurolymphatic junction points. Each of these points is filled with a chemical compound called acetylcholine that, among other capabilities, facilitates the passage of electrical signals sent through the nerves. If the acetylcholine is not operating properly because of trauma, injury, or inflammation, it fills with lymphatic or serus fluid and the electrical nerve impulse can not cross the junction properly. This brings about a malfunction of the nerve conductivity system. This malfunctioning gives off an electrical signal that is picked up by the sensing circuit of the device.

The E-Z Breath™ , after detecting this change in conductivity, puts a stronger current of the same frequency into this malfunctioning area. This increased current creates a change of the same in the neurolymphatic junction point in which the blood vessels and other chemical reactions create a reabsorption of the lymphatic and serus fluids. This reabsorption allows for the return of the acetylcholine, and thereby begins the reestablishment of the normal functioning of the junction.

The microcurrent assists in getting the body to normalize by changing of the vascularity of the area. This change effects the swelling by enhancing the ability of the blood vessels to bring in more nutrients and to increase the removal of metabolic waste from the area. The small microcurrent that is applied to the area is the start of a bio-normalizing process which begins to reduce swelling and inflammation and thereby reducing the symptoms.

Unlike pharmacological treatments, there are no known side effects with using E-Z Breath™. The body does not build up tolerance to the process which would require larger and more frequent treatments. The stimulation can be applied as often as necessary. In fact, what has been observed is that continued usage seems to have a prophylactic effect, in that recurrence of symptoms can be prevented or greatly diminished.

How is it used?

Before beginning, inhale through the nose to determine the amount of restriction. Hold the device at a 90-degree angle to the face.

Begin by placing the tip of the device gently between the eyes. Keep E-Z Breath™ in contact with the skin, using constant gentle pressure.

In some cases, the device will activate upon initial contact with the skin. If this occurs, wait for the device to go through one 8-second-treatment cycle, then continue to move it slowly along the eye cavity through the eyebrow. Whenever the device locates a point of low impedance, the red light and sound system will activate. Each time this occurs, allow the device to complete the 8 second cycle before continuing on.

Move E-Z Breath™ out past the corner of the eye toward the ear, and work it around the temple area. Return along the bottom of the eye to the nose, and then down along the nose to the upper lip area.

Retrace along the nose to the to the starting point and make a pass just above the eyebrow, returning back to the nose under the eye.

After treating both eyes in this manner, move E-Z Breath™ up and down across the forehead.

When this cycle has been completed, all points of low electrical impedance in the sinus areas should have been located. After the treatment, a much freer passage of air through the nose should be noticed.

At first, E-Z Breath™ may require additional passes to decrease the number of points to be treated.

E-Z Breath™ may be used as often as necessary, the move it is used, the more effective it seems to become.